➜ Not! Our trademarked “Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof and Wall Liquid Rubber products are not available in stores like Home Depot. You can only purchase it through our online store and authorized distribution network.
➜ Yes, you can. Whether you have a barrel, cement, flat, S-tile, meta, gravel, or foam roof, our roofing products work flawlessly on all. The Smart Shield roofing solution is fit for all roofs, walls, decks, and more.
➜ Virtually, any color can be added to your Smart Shield roofing products through our computer. The matching iron oxide colorant system will provide the right combinations.
➜ Our company installs 3 main systems on residential or commercial properties. We provide onsite inspection, specifications, details, and drawing that differ slightly depending on each project's needs.
➜ Yes, we work on commercial and residential painting up to three stories with our rubber protective wall coating — it comes with a warranty for up to 20 years.
➜ Our team has successfully protected roofs and wall structures for over 20 years with top shield roofing products. We are proud to be the only company to have the Dade County TAS-106 Pull uplift test on a tile-sealed roof, demonstrating its extreme uplift pressure. resistance of apx 5 x’s stronger than the code requirement for a cement tile roof.
➜ It all depends upon various factors, such as the length and width of your roof, the number of broken tiles, and general areas that need to be restored. The average home runs about ⅓ to ½ the cost of replacement cement tile and flat roof.
➜ We offer 3 main systems – Fungal Shield clear liquid rubber for anti-mildew treatment and tile UV protection for up to 5 years. The Smart Shield solar reflective paint for Darker colors with nanotechnology to reflect heat. Last but not least, Roof Shield for a permanent retrofit and complete weatherproofing.

Our products are utilized on substantial commercial projects and residential roofs to provide up to 20 years of additional protection. On the contrary, roof replacement Labor and material warranty for new roofs in the state of Florida are required to provide up to a minimum of a 2-year warranty for leaks and unusual wind conditions (of 65 miles per hour) will void all guarantees against leaks.

➜ We have a selection of over 3000 colors custom made to order to match your desired color.
➜ Our products are designed for use in extreme tropical climates, we use advanced environmentally safe anti Fungal and mildew retardant ingredients that keep your roof free from green fungi growth and mildew for up to 5 years. After the application of the roof paint and coatings (and with colors), we can add a Tropical Climate cBiquel to the paint that does not allow a mildew growth guaranteed for the entire 20 year product guarantee.
➜ Depends on the product system, the thickness of the coating can very from 10 dry mills to 35 dry mills. If Roof Shield our thickest syatem, requires an install of a monolithic coat, primer, (fiber coat touch-up where needed), and 2 Top coats of liquid rubber — a total of 4 coats are applied.
➜ We highly recommend repairing or replacing broken tiles and or any rotten wood in the fields or roof edges.
➜ Not really. However, a few cities in Florida require them for certain Color approvals.
➜ All Returns must be authorized within 10 days of receipt of shipment for a credit, less any applicable shipping charges. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed on returns. Please call to get a return authorization number BEFORE you send back the unwanted merchandise. Mark the outside buckets with the return authorization number (RMA). Authorized returns must be shipped within 10 days from the approval date to our shipping address. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Christmas and holiday returns will not be accepted or approved, if not received 3 business days before the official holiday commencement. Any items used, improperly handled, or damaged due to improper care will not be eligible to be returned for a refund.