Roofprotect Rubber Roof Coatings

Our advanced rubber roof coatings were derived originally from elastomeric roof paint, our Advanced elastomeric Roof Coatings restore, protect and preserve the Roof surfaces its applied to and start paying for themselves from the moment of their installation. Manufactured in Florida, RoofProtect Coating products are proven to be the best re-roof replacement, roof repair and metal roof repalcement alterenative. Our roof coatings are the solution in Effective long Term protection from roof leaks from wind and water intrusion in the most extreme weather conditions, from the subtropic to the freezing North

Reflective Black Smart Shield
Reflective Black Smart Shield-2
Reflective Black Smart Shield-3

While other roofs were destroyed, roofs with our elastomeric roof coating survived and with little to no damage. Our Roof Shield Rubber Roof Coating System is the only tile roof coating tested by Dade County on older roof tile systems, proven that it increased the strenght of the roof tiles 5 times Stronger than a new Roof of comperable design.

Our team has formulated a Extreme Solar -reflective tintable roof through the BASF laboratories for increased reflection for darker colors resulted in a 32% increase in TSR in our darker-colored Smart Shield roof coating, Increased tensil strenght, additional elongation and crack resistance as compared to Standard elastomeric roof paint in the market today.

Our waterproof liquid rubber coatings, RP2 and RP3 are formulated to provide maximum elongation and long-term flexibility specially formulated to withstand excessive expansion and contraction on sloped roof and flat roof structures. Excellent adhesion and fast cure time on a wide range of roofing substrates, including aged modified bitumen, asphalt single, elastomeric, metal, and cement tile.

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Reroof Waterproof

Simply, there are no alternatives or substitutes to our roof replacement and silicone restoration solution. You can find several roof paints and coating products in the market, but nothing compares to our quality.

If you are looking to get your roof coated or restored, contact the roof coating specialists in Florida. Before you go ahead and ruin your expensive roof tiles, think twice and choose the best roof coatings and sealants. It will help you prevent leaks and damage and provide weatherproofing. You will save time, strengthen your roof, and extend its life a few more years.

The Facts

The present state code is equivalent to approximately 100 and 130 max wind, that’s a cat 1.5 to 2. If anything hits your roof tiles, it will take less wind pressure to expose and lift the rest of the tiles. The attachment method does not have too few points underneath. It is not seamless or all points monolithic as they should be in the High-velocity wind zone area.

Studies done by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast the increasing windstorm activity and annual hurricane-force winds threaten the unprotected new cement to residential roof systems. The cycle keeps repeating, and you spend more time on messy roof replacements, resealing, and repairs. Choose the best from the beginning.

The original trademarked liquid-applied rubber roof coating installations provide permanent traditional roof repair, and roof replacement service solutions in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County throughout South Florida. Completely Shield your roof from hurricane-force winds, Water damage, and protect your home.