RP2 Smart Shield

RP2 Smart Shield

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Smart Shield forms a waterproof coating membrane when rolled or sprayed in a heavy coat layer, it expands and contracts like flexible rubber and keeps water out while protecting and maintaining breathability and reflecting the heat Rays from the Sun. Smart Shield Reflective Pigments increase the TSR by 32 % the at the Darkest black, the darker the color the more it reflects, the testing results in real life images referenced on this site, when the suns rays hits the surface of the tiles for a few seconds it turns our Bonito Black An Amazing Solid Silver, Scroll down to see additional product description. (all tech sheets on previos page where images of buckets are)



Protect your roof from damage RP2 Smart Shield. It is a very versatile Reflective Liquid applied waterproof coating specifically made for darker color selections that forms a protective membrane over the surface its applied to. It can be rolled and or sprayed in place as a single layer upon the roof surfaces with ease. A fantastic solution for preventing cracked roof tiles or roof leaks. Our High-quality rubber roofing materials are 5 times thicker than standard roof paint, it expands and contracts with the movement of the roof, It is a roof protective coating formulated to be weather, mold, mildew and deep color fade resistant.

The Smart Shield Solar Reflective dark colors are designed to make rubber roofing colors more efficient and longer lasting without fading. Smart Shield increases the TSR (its ability to reflect the radiation from the sun) by 32% even with the darkest black Color, since the darker the color the more it reflects. Smart Shield prevents roof damage, our Products are environment-friendly waterproof coatings that will your protect your property from harsh weather conditions. Purchase our Bonito Black color it turns into amazing solid silver in the direct presence of the suns rays. The History on providing a cooler Paint Color Roof Paint Product began with the advent of Ceramics additives in Paint Form in the Late 1990's, then nano Paint in 2000, now nano plus+ in 2021 " thats our proprietary reflective pigments added", thats 40 years of innovation, thats Smart Shield! and its was not redeveloped in a Roof Paint it was created in a Roof Coating Elastomer, its 9 dry mills thick per coat at surface substrate cure and is real waterproofing! NOT HYPED UP PAINT..In 2018 The base resins in our prodcuts were sent to the Chemical Testing Labratorys at BASF, they went through a rigerous complete cycle of test specimen preparation, conditioning, testing, evaluation and reporting. The test specimens we prepared on production cells featuring automatic mold interchange and integrated finishing. Standard tests, such as tensile tests, flexural tests, flexural impact tests, penetration tests, DSC, TGA and viscosity number, were conducted on automatic testing equipment. These measures guaranteed the highest level of reproducibility and operating consistency. Furthermore, tensile tests, flexural impact tests and penetration tests were carried out over broad temperature ranges relevant to the application, the results we retained are now recognised as one of the most inovative prodcuts of its kind to date World Wide!. .