RP3 Roof Shield

RP3 Roof Shield

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$325 Inclusive of all taxes

Roof Shield Premium Roof Coating is Our Most Advanced High Impact Weathproof Liquid Rubber Roof Coating, designed for Permanent Water and wind protection of roof Tiles and Flat Roof System it is applied to. Stops exiting Roof Leaks and Increases Roof Life expectancy even on 50 year old roofs. Dade County TAS-106 Uplift Tested, the only one of its kind World Wide with this exam and results. *For further description details scroll down on this page See all the Performance Data Sheets by clicking on the icon (4 rollers) on previous page where the bucket images are.



Give your roof Hurricane Force Weather protection with RP3 Roof Shield – it is a multi layered system designed to stop exiting roof leaks and protect roofs from Hurrican Force Winds and water damage. A rubber roofing material for roof tiles and flat roof systems. Roof Shield Rubber roofing increases life expectancy and assists with additional roof life certifications typically on 50+ year-old roofs. It is Bright white Roof Coating which is an energy-efficient solution for your property saving you a significant amount of energy cost.

Super easy application with brush, roller and or a high-quality sprayer. It is recommended to go for heavy coats to build up a waterproof monolithic membrane. This rubber roofing material has extreme resistance to moisture penetration and High Velocity Wind Impacts. RP3 Roof Shield is the only Dade County TAS-106 uplift Pull Tested Roof Coating System to date World Wide. Roof Shield is an ideal choice for those with older Roofs that are considering roof replacement. Environment-friendly liquid rubber coating increases sustainability. It is water-based with no solvents and is completely eco friendly.Our History with Roof Shield, our strongest roof damage resistant protective coating when we presented The Roof Shield coating process to Home Depot, after the rash of named storms passed through our area in the 2004 2005 Hurricane season, speaking with their roofing and siding division for expansion of our brand recognition, We explained to them if you’re not applying a monolithic system, for example, it is not going to stop active leaks, howver they claimed some of their products are super great elastomeric roof paint however at only 300 psi tinsel strength which is designed to be applied to walls and should not be used on roofs especially flat roofs that tend to hold water and as they the rest is history.